The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2016 Escobar decision substantially altered the use of implied certification lawsuits and recent lower courts have been split on the interpretation of materiality and falsity. One year later, Escobar continues to affect how the U.S. government is responding to all pending cases. Today, there continues to be increased activity in investigations of new and existing potential false claims cases regardless of whether the government decides to intervene.   ACI’S 5TH ADVANCED FORUM ON FALSE CLAIMS & QUI TAM ENFORCEMENT is designed to provide up-to-date guidance and analysis from the most respected false claims experts. This two day conference has been established as a forum to discuss real world strategies for investigating, defending and settling these cases. You will hear from companies who have experience with internal and external whistleblowers. 2018 Conference Highlights:
  • Impact of the Escobar Decision on Future False Claims Cases
  • Effective Strategies for Resolving False Claims Cases Quickly
  • How USDOJ and the Relator’s Bar Work Together to Build the Case
  • Why Government is Focused on both Criminal and Civil Penalties
  • Key Factors That Determine Whether Government Will Intervene
  This conference is designed to bring in-house counsel, defense and relator counsel as well as senior government officials together to discuss the latest changes in false claims investigations and resolution. This agenda is specifically designed to address the most recent cases and their impact on future claims.   Special rates for in-house counsel and groups are available. Register early and save significantly with an advance pricing discount! Call 1-888-224-2480 or register online to take advantage of these special rates.

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