Examining Opioid-Related Injuries During Pregnancy

June 26, 2019 3:30pm

Brant E. Poling
POLING (Columbus, OH)

Jack M. Stein
Trial Exhibits, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)

  • Exploring current developments with the use of opioids during pregnancy
  • What legal standard of care should an OB/GYN practitioner follow when it comes administering opioids during pregnancy
  • Addressing the challenges that obstetricians and neonatologists’ encounter when not recognizing that a mother has an opioid problem
  • Examining potential liabilities associated with babies injured as a result of ingesting opioids from a mother
    • Examining opioid use as a potential cause of injury that a plaintiff’s attorney hasn’t thought about, but should
    • How the defense side can combat such a potential claim
  • Exploring challenges with defending medical professionals who are either:
    • Administering opioids during pregnancy, or
    • Are struggling with the decision to prescribe to pregnant women who may need opioids