Jason Erb

Assistant General Counsel
Hyundai Motor America

JASON ERB is Assistant General Counsel‚ Director‚ Litigation for Hyundai Motor America. Mr. Erb received his B.S. from the University of California‚ Berkeley‚ and his J.D. from Duke University School of Law. Mr. Erb is responsible for managing a wide variety of Hyundai's litigation‚ including in the areas of product liability‚ business‚ intellectual property‚ class action‚ insurance recovery‚ consumer‚ and commercial finance litigation‚ throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Beyond litigation management‚ on occasion‚ Mr. Erb also becomes actively involved in the Company's litigation matters by serving as co-counsel or lead counsel in trials and other proceedings. Mr. Erb is also involved in compliance and enforcement proceedings before the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Prior to joining Hyundai‚ Mr. Erb practiced in the Los Angeles office of Pillsbury Winthrop.