Steve Grey

Chief Counsel - Product Legal
Isuzu North America, Inc.

STEVE GREY is Chief Counsel – Product Legal at Isuzu North America Corporation. Steve has worked for Isuzu since 1996. He is in charge of managing the defense of Isuzu’s product liability and (occasionally) patent litigation, and also is responsible for advising on and managing various other legal matters relating to Isuzu’s products. Before joining Isuzu, Mr. Grey served as General Counsel of KIA Motors America, Inc. Prior to KIA, he spent five plus years at Honda North America, Inc. managing the defense of automotive product liability litigation. Mr. Grey attended college at the University of Chicago, where he majored in Religion in the Humanities. He then attended NYU School of Law. Upon graduation from law school in 1983, Steve moved to Los Angeles for no apparent reason and began his legal career as a law firm litigation associate. Steve enjoys singing and watching others make money in the stock market.