AD/CVD Question Marks: What You Need to Know and How These Duties Affect Your Business

November 29, 2017 2:30pm

Alexander H Schaefer
Crowell Moring LLP (Washington, DC)

Richard A. Mojica
Miller & Chevalier Chartered (Washington, DC)

As AD/CVDs continue to be an ongoing trade issue for CBP, both the penalties and risks of hurting your business’ reputation are higher than ever before. During this session, speakers will walk participants through common pitfalls that importers run into– and how mistakes can affect your business in the long run.  
  • Overview the AD/CVD deposit and assessment process
  • How AD/CVD affect the bottom lines of importers
  • How does CBP determine which antidumping duty to assess on imports?
  • Managing the risks resulting from antidumping duties and strategies for lowering liabilities
  • What do you do when CBP determines that your product is in the scope of an AD/CVD case
  • What is happening now in AD/CVD enforcement?