What to Expect from a Customs Audit – Types of Audits, Preparation, and How to Apply CBP’s Standard of Reasonable Care

November 30, 2017 1:30pm

BJ Shannon
Counsel, Trade Compliance
Raytheon (Washington, DC)

Jason Waite
Alston & Bird, LLP (Washington, DC)

  • Comparing and contrasting different audit surveys to define importer responsibilities and expectations
  • The number of audits conducted by the Regulatory Audit Division
    • Focused Assessments
    • Quick Response Audits
    • Audit Surveys
  • How companies are selected for audits, and how CBP determines which assessment to use
  • How to prepare for an audit based on the type of assessment and your business
  • How to apply CBP’s standard for reasonable care
  • Examples of letters, forms, and other documents from CBP