Leveraging NAFTA and Other Key Free Trade Agreements for Maximum Duty Savings

November 30, 2017 11:00am

Patricia Hall
Senior Manager – Customs
General Electric (Fort Myers, FL)

Nathaniel Bolin
Drinker Biddel & Reath LLP

  • Overview of the most pertinent free trade agreements and special duty programs
  • How to identify potential FTA opportunities
  • Understanding and complying with multiple rules of origin in FTAs at once
    • Australian FTA, CAFTA-DR, KORUS, T-TIP, and more
  • Tariff shift vs. regional value content rules
  • Special rules for intermediate materials
  • NAFTA validation and responding to information requests
  • Best practices for collecting information critical to supporting FTAs
    • Certificate of Origins, Trade Program certificates, and more