How to Make the Correct Determination – and Qualify for FTA and Special Trade Programs

November 30, 2017 8:35am

Audrey Garrett
Import Compliance Manager, Americas FCO / EPO
Flowserve Corporation (Raleigh, NC)

Michael Roll
Pisani & Roll LLP (LA, CA)

Experts will discuss the Country of Origin rules across separate U.S. agencies, how to comply and communicate with these agencies, and meet recordkeeping requirements to satisfy origin determinations and FTA use.
  • What is the country of origin and how must the finished product be marked according to CBP?
  • Determining eligibility under a FTA or HTSUS Chapter 98 classification
  • Types of documents that must be maintained to satisfy compliance under Country of Origin claims and FTA use
  • Creating an origin determination policy that is adaptive to CBP changes
  • How CBP is targeting these determinations during the audit planning process and during audits
  • Examples of how Customs has become more vigilant on the use of FTAs