DCMA & DCAA Updates – Key Developments and Priorities Affecting Industry Moving Forward

June 13, 2017 9:15am

Tim Callahan
Executive Director for Contracts
DCMA (Fort Lee, VA)

Kenneth Saccoccia
Deputy Director
DCAA (Fort Belvoir, VA)


Patrick Fitzgerald
Baker Tilly (Tysons Corner, VA)
(former Director, DCAA)

Senior agency representatives open the day with the key updates that are critical for your contracts, from bidding to closeout, and take questions. Some of the issues to be covered will include, but not limited to:  
  • Update on workflow priorities, and the interplay between the DCAA and DCMA
  • Legislative impacts of the NDAA: new directions and guidance
  • Incurred Costs and Business Systems audits: contract closeouts being the major priority