DCMA, DCAA and DPAP Q&A Panel: Your Questions Answered by Senior Agency Representatives

June 14, 2017 8:30am

John Tenaglia
Deputy Director, Contract Policy and International Contracting, DPAP
US Department of Defense (Arlington, VA)

Andrew Obermeyer
Director, Business Operations Center
DCMA (Fort Lee, VA)

Don McKenzie
Assistant Director, Policy and Plans
DCAA (Fort Belvoir, VA)

Vincent Perez
Acting Director, Cost & Pricing Center
DCMA (Chantilly, VA)


Dave Methot
Executive Director, Business Systems & Chief Compliance Officer
Fluor Government Group (Greenville, SC)

This interactive, Townhall-style Q&A allows for the audience to have their voice heard and get their questions answered with agency leadership. Bring your cost, pricing, compliance and audit-related questions with you or submit them in advance via email once you have registered.