NEW! Industry Roundtable Discussion: How Industry is Responding to The Trump Administration’s Evolving Policy Priorities

June 13, 2017 10:30am

Paul Bailey
Vice President, Government Accounting and Compliance
Harris Corporation (Melbourne, FL)

Dave Methot
Executive Director, Business Systems & Chief Compliance Officer
Fluor Government Group (Greenville, SC)

Ron Doody
Director of Information Technology and Finance
Creare (Hanover, NH)


Bill Walter
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (Tysons, VA)

Below is a summary of the issues to be discussed during the roundtable, which will involve speakers from both large and small contractors. Discussion topics will be updated to reflect new developments between now and the conference. Please check online for updates!  
  • Executive order placing a hiring freeze on federal employees and a new budget proposal that will require significant reduction of federal employees
  • Required certification of business systems? Would external CPA firms or DCAA auditors perform the audits, and what would be the standards?
  • Impact of eliminating wage determination on construction contractors (per the Davis-Bacon Act), and the possible increase in infrastructure spending
  • If infrastructure spending increases, will joint ventures and public private partnerships increase? If so, what effect will they have on contractors’ compliance/audit positions?
  • Cybersecurity: new rules (for ex., dual authentication) and how to ensure you are ready