Workshop B: Navigating the Complex Challenges of Subcontractor Flowdowns: A Comprehensive Workshop for Contractors on How to Remain Compliant

Jun 12, 2017 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Christine J. Wade
Managing Partner
CaaSus LLC (Fairfax, VA)

Kay M. Papin
Government Compliance Director
McCarthy Buildings (St Louis, MO)

Having the very latest information on how to interpret your responsibilities vis-à-vis your subcontractors is paramount. What is your responsibility as a prime to monitor your subcontractor? What are the very latest best practices to close out your contract effectively? What slows down the contract negotiation process? These are all considerations you will have as you work with subcontractors; however, in this comprehensive and specially designed workshop, not only will you have the opportunity to discuss and benchmark with peers about these important issues (and more), you will receive invaluable training from the experts on issues such as:
  • Regulatory overview and subcontract structure
  • FAR Structure, as it relates to subcontracts
  • Types and structure of clauses
  • Clause management best practices
  • When should the prime require a clause be included in the subcontract?