Animal Biologic Development: The Continuing Debate Between Cure and Cost

September 14, 2016 1:45pm

Brian J. Malkin
Senior Counsel
McGuireWoods LLP

Hans Draayer MS
Chairman of the Board
Edge Veterinary Vaccines Consulting Group, LLC (Ames, Iowa)

We live in an age, where biologics for humans have brought tremendous advancements in the cure for disease. This in turn leads to the question about the development of such therapies for animals and the cost effectiveness debate. There are also questions of ethics coupled in this debate concerning animal testing in the development of these products. This panel will explore these controversies. Points of discussion will include:

  • Advances in animal biologics from the routine to the highly sophisticated
  • Cost effectiveness and financing debate
  • Understanding how the development of animal biologics fits into the “one health” initiative movement
  • The ethics of advance biological use in animals
    • position of Industry Animal Welfare Groups