Exploring the Continuing Controversy of Antibiotic Use in Livestock

September 14, 2016 10:30am

John F. Kuckelman
General Counsel
Elanco Animal Health (Greenfield, IN)

In June 2015, the FDA issued its Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) final rule which together with Directives 209 and 213 call for tighter controls of antibiotic use in livestock, effective January 2017. This session will explore these Directives and their controversial implications for animal feed and drug manufacturers as well as the public.

  • Overview the Veterinary Feed Directive Final Rule and Directives 209 and 213
  • Medically important use vs. minor use
  • Defining “judicious” antibiotic use
  • Exploring the implications of the bar on promotional use claims relative to animal growth
  • Examining expanded veterinary oversight of certain antibiotic feed additives which were previously available OTC and its impact on animal food and drug manufacturers
  • Viewing industry and manufacturer pledges for antibiotic use phase out vis-vis new regulations
  • Assessing safety concerns relative to antibiotic use of livestock
    • residue evaluation of certain antibiotic products
  • Evaluating future of livestock safety and implications to human health in view of new antibiotic restrictions
    • analyzing other recent antibiotic controversies Carbonox and Notice of Opportunity of Hearing controversy
      • politics vs. science
    • FDA Final Rule on Antibiotic Sales Estimates
  • Survey of international protocols and laws governing antibiotic use in livestock