Argentina’s Law on Corporate Criminal Responsibility and What It Means for Brazilian Companies and Individuals

May 23, 2019 3:30pm

Laura Alonso

Laura Alonso
Secretary for Public Ethics, Transparency and Anti- Corruption
Argentine Anti-Corruption Office

Roberto Bauzá

Roberto P. Bauzá
Rattagan Macchiavello Arocena & Peña Robirosa Abogados (Argentina)

  • The nuts and bolts of the law on criminal responsibility: No retroactive application
  • Comparing and contrasting Argentina’s approach to prosecutions with Brazilian agencies
  • Extent of cooperation between Argentinian and Brazilian authorities: The potential for new cases and expansion of existing investigations and scandals
  • Public works contracts in Argentina awarded to Brazilian companies are under re-review for potential bribery: What this means for Brazilian multinationals
  • Plea bargains in Argentina: How effective are they?
  • Argentina’s asset recovery bill, and how it aides prosecutors investigating bribery
  • Anti-Trust: The most common price-fixing/bid-rigging schemes and how to mitigate the biggest risks
  • Class Actions against companies and individuals: When Argentinian companies’ shares on US stock markets are subject to FCPA
  • Civil Actions: Must-knows for companies
  • Jurisdiction of Argentina’s provincial vs. federal authorities: Who does what