Workshop A (Local-South America Rate) – A Deep Dive into the Most Significant Anti-Corruption and FCPA Cases Impacting Brazilian Multinationals: Essential Legal and Compliance Takeaways for Your Program and Business | Local Rate

May 21, 2019 9:00am – 12:30pm

Taissa Licatti

Taissa Macaferri Licatti
Compliance Manager

Julissa Reynoso

Julissa Reynoso
Winston & Strawn LLP (USA)

(Registration begins at 8:30) This workshop offers a practical review of the major FCPA and international anti-corruption cases involving Brazil and Latin America, and a discussion of what we can learn from them. Perhaps more than any other region in the world, Brazil and its neighbors have been a center for blockbuster global anti-corruption actions in recent years – from Petrobras to Braskem, Oceanagrafia to LATAM, and multiple others. Investigations have been conducted not only by U.S. enforcement authorities, but by regional authorities as well. As a result, anticorruption practitioners, companies and their compliance personnel can draw helpful lessons from these matters.
  • Part I: Update on the major anti-corruption legislation and FCPA cases affecting how Brazilian industry thinks about compliance
  • Part II: Hypotheticals – How the same issue can play out differently across jurisdictions
    • The various forms of misconduct that have been investigated
    • What the conduct at issue in these cases reveal about common corruption risks in the region
    • Compliance lessons to draw from the resolutions
    • How authorities in the region are cooperating with one another to bring cases
    • An exploration of how new anti-corruption laws in the region are affecting enforcement trends
    • The relevance of new anti-corruption compliance standards that Latin American governments are promulgating
    • The different ways that various industries are affected
    • What we can learn about investigative strategies as a result of these cases
    • Predictions for future enforcement trends