Special Interview Series – India

First-Hand Accounts of Entering and Operating in India Amid Emerging Corruption Risks

July 24, 2019 3:15pm

Jeffrey Proulx
Director Counsel

Brian Lichter
Senior Director, Global Investigations

David Mindell
Senior Director – Compliance
Yum! Brands

Srijoy Das
Archer & Angel (India)

This new panel format will feature first-hand accounts of in-house representatives from Target, YUM! Brands and Cognizant discussing the challenges they faced and opportunities they seized while setting up business operations in India. Learn about what it means to be responsible for entering and building business operations in India.
  • On-the-ground-perspectives from those who know: high risk areas, and corporate governance risks
  • Corporate and bank fraud in public and private banks: How your company is impacted by recent enforcement actions of the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) against individuals
  • Corporate Governance: New risks with beneficial ownership and shell corporations
  • Amidst national elections, how can companies deal with demands for campaign contributions, gifts and benefits?
  • Internal control measures and dealing with Indian vendors (background checks and appointment of Indian vendors)
  • Impact of technology and reforms introduced by government to mitigate bribery
  • Private commercial bribery and mitigating risks for directors and key officers