A Matter of Ethics: Examining Ethical Dilemmas for Automotive Attorneys Associated with Social Media and the Representation of More than One Defendant

July 19, 2019 2:30pm

Daniel J. Arnett
Founding Partner
Arnett Law Group, LLC (Chicago, IL)

Steven D. Smelser

Steven D. Smelser
Yukevich Cavanaugh (Los Angeles, CA)

Social Media Investigations
  • Understanding the ethical considerations relevant to social media platforms how it can be used to search for information regarding plaintiffs
  • Navigating different platforms and assessing which information can be used for different purposes while not running afoul of ethical boundaries
  • Preventing ethics violations when searching through public information on social media accounts
  Representation of Two or More Manufacturers
  • Understanding the complexities and challenges with representation of 2 or more manufacturers
  • Staying within the ethical boundaries and ensuring no problem will arise during communication, legal advice, and other areas with representation