The New Outlook for Automotive Class Action Litigation: Coattails, Recalls, and Loss of Value/Diminution Cases

July 18, 2019 8:45am

Cameron Azari

Cameron Azari
Vice-President Director of Hilsoft Notifications
Epiq Systems (Portland, OR)

Cari K. Dawson

Cari K. Dawson
Alston & Bird (Atlanta, GA)

Michael B. Gallub

Michael B. Gallub
Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. (New York, NY)

  • How voluntary recalls and NHTSA recalls can morph into class action litigation or similar type of litigation where plaintiffs are grouped together
  • Leapfrogging consumer fraud claims into class action suits
  • Examining the next waive of “one-off” cases morphing into class action cases
    • Claims made on loss or diminution of value
  • Understanding the nature of class action claims based on safety, critical architecture, code, or process
  • Anticipating the distribution of settlement funds in the US Supreme Court Case Frank v. Gaos
  • Understanding court deference to administrative authority in Kisor v. Wilkie