SPOTLIGHT ON FLIGHT CREW MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES POST-GERMANWINGS: An In Depth Discussion of the Legal, Regulatory, Public Safety and Ethical Considerations

June 27, 2016 3:10pm

David J. A. Hayes III
Vice-President & General Counsel
Trans States Holdings, Inc.

Scott Brooksby
Olson Brooksby P.C.

Brian Alexander
Kreindler & Kreindler LLP

  • An in depth discussion of aeromedical issues and developments following last year’s Germanwings crash
  • What procedures are currently in place to identify mental health issues in pilots, crew-members, air traffic controllers? — Are they enough?
  • Who should be in possession of a crew-member’s mental health information?
  • Who has what responsibilities to make reports of other crew-members’ mental health info?
  • Who regulates this?
  • Assessing considerations of confidentiality with considerations of public safety
  • Under what circumstances can medical data be shared and with whom?
  • What strides is the FAA taking in response to the Germanwings tragedy? (ARC and Amsis)
  • Addressing current issues and challenges related to:
    • Awareness and reporting of emotional and mental health issues
    • Methods used to evaluate pilot emotional and mental health
    • Barriers to reporting such issues
    • Surveillance and oversight of designees and aviation industry substance-abuse programs
  • A discussion of the ethical challenges and considerations, and how to best navigate them