The 32nd installment of ACI’s renowned Bad Faith Claims and Litigation forum returns to Miami for the first time in two years with in-depth topics researched from the leaders in the industry and expert insights from seasoned in-house professionals, top law firms and
experienced jurists from across the nation.

You know all that’s brewing in the industry:

  • Bad faith “set ups”
  • Cyber liability prone to future bad faith claims
  • Chipping away at the Attorney-Client privilege
  • Novel uses of expert testimony in bad faith cases
  • Cumis counsel/independent counsel and bad faith implications
  • Consent judgments where insurer is defending under a reservation of right

That is why you can cannot afford to miss the Miami installment of ACI’s 32nd Bad Faith Claims and Litigation conference. It will provide attendees with the latest insights and expert advice from our exceptional faculty on new litigation trends, emerging theories of liability, and the most effective defense and settlement strategies.
Sessions include:

  • Latest Decisions and Emerging Trends on Direct Third-Party Actions Against Insurers; Efficacy of Reservation of Rights Letters; Consent Judgments; and Bad Faith Claims Involving Eroding Limits
  • Bad Faith Set Ups in Both First- and Third-Party Context and Ways to Avoid Them
  • Insurer vs. Insurer Claims: When Can an Excess Insurer Sue a Primary Insurer for Bad Faith?
  • Duty to Defend: Defending Against Bad Faith When an Insurer Denies a Defense to an Insured, Denying a Defense for Potentially Covered Claims on Grounds of Late Notice, Allocation Issues Between Covered/Uncovered Parties and Claims, and the Latest on Extraneous Evidence and Duty to Defend
  • Cyber Liability and Potential Bad Faith Issues that Could Arise
  • Trial of a Bad Faith Case: Practical Tips from Both Sides on Opening and Closing Statements, Preparing and Examining Witnesses, Use of Expert Witnesses, and Preserving Affirmative Defenses
  • Discoverability of Privileged Claims Information in a Bad Faith Case and Issues Surrounding Attorney-Client/Work-Product Privilege: Scope of Discovery (Including Institutional Bad Faith Discovery), How Far the Privilege Extends, and When is it Waived
  • Declining to Defend or Defending Under a Reservation of Rights: The Dynamics that Lead to Consent Judgments, Assignments, and Their Impact on an Insurer’s Exposure to Bad Faith Liability
  • Altered States: Litigation Involving Fraudulent or Altered Engineering or Expert Reports
  • Under What Circumstance is an Independent/Cumis Counsel Required?

Be Sure to also Book for the Florida Specific Master Class:

Diffusing Bad Faith Claims for Insurers: Identifying Key Missteps in the Way Claims Are Asserted Pre-Suit and at the Inception of Litigation, and Combatting Attorney Fee Claims in Florida

This event will fill up quickly, so register now by calling 1-888-224-2480 or by faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563 or registering online.


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