As we prepare to enter the next decade of this revolutionary law, we cordially invite you to join us for ACI’s 12th Annual Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics Summit.

As the number of FDA-approved biosimilar products continues to grow, the need for a solid guiding framework becomes more critical than ever before. While the stakeholders wait for finality on the rules governing significant matters like interchangeability, substitution and equivalency, it is clear that biosimilars will remain a top priority for the FDA.

The biosimilars market continues to maintain momentum as we head into 2021, but questions remain as to whether the U.S. market will catch up with Europe and whether biosimilars will provide their intended cost-savings.

Join the “who’s who” of the biosimilars and innovator biologics industries as they gather for ACI’s 2021 Summit on Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics, and contemplate these and other probing questions.


Markus Meier

Assistant Director, Health Care Division Bureau of Competition

Eva Temkin

Acting Director, Policy Staff Office of Therapeutic Biologics and Biosimilars Office of New Drugs, CDER

Hon. Jacqueline Wright Bonilla

Deputy Chief Judge PTAB

Hon. Michelle Ankenbrand

Lead Administrative Patent Judge PTAB

Hon. Kristi Sawert

Administrative Patent Judge PTAB

Who You Will Meet

In-house counsel from branded and biosimilars companies

Government representatives
from the FDA, USPTO, and the Judiciary

Leading regulatory and patent attorneys from around the country

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Year after year, the ACI Biosimilar Conference has featured a top-notch faculty from the pharma/biotech industry, private practice and government to address hot-button issues in this rapidly evolving area — I am looking forward to another outstanding event.

Immac “Casey” Thampoe

Immac “Casey” Thampoe

Executive Director/Assistant General Counsel
IP Portfolio Development

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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If I had to pick only one event to get the latest on issues impacting biosimilars, it would be the ACI Biosimilar Conference — highly informative presentations and ample opportunities to network and catch-up with players in this space.

Charles K. Sholtz

Charles K. Sholtz

Director and Associate General Counsel
Biosimilars, Manufacturing & Litigation Readiness Lead


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