Develop Your Best China Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs


Back for a Second Year the Third Party Anti-Corruption Risks Controls Seminar  and Anti-corruption Compliance Program in China Seminar

Shanghai, China October 8, 2015 – – ACI is pleased to announce that the 2nd Third Party Anti-Corruption Risks Controls Seminar and 2nd Anti-corruption Compliance Program in China Seminar will be held in Shanghai this January 14-15. ACI has run the renowned China Summit on Anti-Corruption conference – the best conference in China in the anti-corruption field, for the past 8 years. The uniqueness about these one-day seminars is they focus on the 2 most pressing issues in China. The first day “Third Party Anti-corruption Risks Controls Seminar” will provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to get under the hood and into the nuts and bolts of vetting, on-boarding, monitoring, managing, auditing and terminate third parties in China.

The compliance program on the second day is designed to drill down into core anti-bribery compliance requirements specific to China. These interactive sessions will allow for faculty and delegates to benchmark and network while discussing the critical building blocks of a robust and updated compliance program under currently increasing DoJ, SEC, SFO, and AIC enforcement environments. Both seminars have exclusive senior faculty to share 360 degree practical tips on each topic. As a value add, we created Pre- and Post-Conference LinkedIn groups for each of the seminars to allow those attending to have greater interaction with the speakers. Register Now! No other event will offer you and your team the depth of practical insights and know-how into third party risks and an effective compliance program within China. About American Conference Institute A unique organization, American Conference Institute is devoted to providing the business intelligence that senior decision-makers need to respond to challenges both here in the US, and around the world. Staffed by industry specialists, lawyers and other professionals, the American Conference Institute operates as a think tank, monitoring trends and developments in all major industry sectors, the law, and public policy, with a view to providing information on the leading edge. Headquartered in New York and led by Leigh Gilmore, Senior Vice President, American Conference Institute has grown to produce more than 120 events each year, attended by thousands of senior professionals from across the world.