Two High Level India Speakers have confirmed to speak on 5th India Summit on Anti-Corruption

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India Legislative landscape is changing, which will dramatically impact MNC’s anti-corruption practice. It is imperative that companies fine tune their practices to ensure they have an effective and robust anti-corruption compliance program in place. ACI’s 5th India Summit on Anti-corruption ( has invited two high profile government speakers to provide the latest insights on anti-corruption enforcementThe local in-house faculty from GSK, Walmart, Intel ADM, Boeing, Medtronic, GE, Honeywell, Hewlett- Packard Enterprises, MSD, Abbot, Syngenta, Amazon, and Vedanta will share their practice and compliance strategies with you, also the overseas HQ compliance officers from West Digital, Covidien, Lockheed Martin Corporation will also share their compliance initiatives and overviews in India, the US and the UK. This Premier annual summit designed for decision-makers in the India Anti-corruption Compliance and internal risk control management fields, provides attendees with the ideal opportunities for benchmark, sharing experiences of cutting edge risk mitigation strategies and compliance programmes, and exploring the challenges of doing business in this fast evolving anti-corruption legislation environment. 2016 Panels Focusing on Most Pressing Challenges in India Including: – Compliance Think Tank: How to Effectively Implement Compliance Program in Current India Anti-Corruption Landscape – India Regulatory Update – Key Developments that Will Impact your Compliance and Corporate Governance Initiatives – Resolving Sponsorship and Donation Dilemmas: How to Establish a Transparent and Compliant Policy That Meets Indian Government 2% Profit CSR Requirement – How to Control Risks When Working with Consultants and Facilitators Post Louis Berger – Monitoring and Tracking Payments:  How to Ensure your Books & Records and Internal Accounting Controls Meet Increasing Government Requirements post BHP – Creative a Culture of Ethics and Keeping Employees and Local Management Engaged into Your Anti-Corruption Initiative – Crisis Response Strategy Once You Discover a Red Flag or Whistleblower Report – Where Companies Go Wrong with Internal Investigations in India PLUS, Solidify your knowledge and share practical insights on the Interactive working Group: A Practical Guide to Effective Third Party  Management: How to Conduct and Effective, Credible and Risk -Based Third Party Review:, Exercise Your Audit Rights, and Engage Third Party to Comply with your program. This is the annual flagship event for the India premier Anti-corruption community, register today! Group rate is also available for 3 or more people. Click here to learn more: