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Pharma & Healthcare – the latest on the FDA move towards the way it approves OTC meds, Walgreens, UnitedHealth, and more to share patient date and more.

Steering for a U.S. comeback, AstraZeneca’s Brilinta runs aground on DoJ investigation by Tracy Staton Published on Fierce Pharma Marketing

Here’s a scenario: You’re trying to jump-start sales of a drug. It’s one of those products that never has hummed on all cylinders, but you think it could wear racing stripes. And now, you’re seeing signs of life.Then the feds show up, digging into the study data that justified that drug’s FDA approval… [ Read More

FDA moves toward a major overhaul of the way it approves OTC meds by Eric Palmer Published on Fierce Pharma

The FDA, which has been talking for years about overhauling the over-the-counter (OTC) drug approval process, is taking steps it says will allow it to approve those products, and respond to safety concerns, faster. It is a shift that the industry has been anticipating and which accounts for part of the reason so many drugmakers are in the process of buying or selling OTC units… [ Read More ]

Walgreen, UnitedHealth, Epic Form Carequality To Share Patient Data by Zina Moukheiber Published on Forbes

How many organizations do we need to facilitate the electronic transfer of patient information from one health care provider to another? A few, it seems.

Healtheway, an organization which grew out of a government effort to enable health information exchange, launched Carequality. Its mission: to accelerate the sharing of patient data… [ Read More ]

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