New and Emerging Risks and Regions: Top Ten Global Risks and What Are Some of the New and Emerging Regions as well as Types of Coverages for Which Captives Are Being Used?

May 3, 2016 9:00am

Barry Leigh Weissman
Carlton Fields Jorden Burt

Huhnsik Chung
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Brian Johnson ACAS, MAAA, ARM
Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

  • What are the top ten global risks (e.g., cyber risks, drones, terrorism, fracking, sinkholes, Bakken oil)
  • What are some of the innovative ways for using captives?
  • New industries and/or associations using captives
  • From which of the emerging risks might one benefit the most by writing into a captive and for which should one avoid doing the same?
  • Where is the most growth in captives coming from?
    • Latin America, China/Asia, Africa, India, Middle East, EU