The Basics of Captives and Risk Retention Groups

May 2, 2016 8:00am

Davis H. Smith
Gilpin Givhan, PC

Thomas Stewart
Innovative Captive Strategies, Inc.

Simon Kilpatrick
Advantage Insurance Management (USA) LLC

Keith Langlands CPA
Co-Managing Member
Synergy Insurance LLC

John R. Capasso
President & CEO
Captive Planning Associates, LLC

  • What is a captive?
  • What types are there? What are the distinguishing features?
    • Single-Parent Captive
    • Group/Association
    • Risk Retention Group
    • Protected Cell Captives or Cell Captives
  • With the number of states enacting laws that will allow for captive formation continually increasing, are there ways to avoid confusion by those interested in setting up a captive or re-domesticating?
    • What are some of the points to consider when thinking about setting up a captive in an established domicile as opposed to a new domicile?
  • Why form one and what are the benefits? When is it a good idea to think about a captive as opposed to traditional insurance?
  • Best practices with respect to implementation and operation of a captive