The Healthcare Captive: Insuring Medical Stop-Loss Through a Captive and What Has Been the Insurance Market as well as Medical Providers’ Response to the Changes Effected by the Affordable Care Act?

May 3, 2016 10:05am

Kathleen Birrane
Of Counsel

Melissa A. Hancock
Regional Manager
Strategic Risk Solutions

Robert Gagliardi
Senior Vice President, Director of Captive Management

  • Special considerations on formation and capitalization
  • How are hospital captives and physician-oriented captives adapting to mass consolidation?
  • How did the Affordable Care Act change circumstances?
    • What is different from the physicians’ perspective?
    • What is different from insurers’ perspective?
  • Medical stop-loss insurance placed through a captive
    • How to structure it? How does medical stop-loss plan work in comparison to a fully insured plan?
    • Is this a true 3rd party risk? Is the insured a company or individual employees?
    • How much risk should be placed in a captive?
    • What is an appropriate premium for a captive to charge?