Data Security: Interactive Discussion on the Top 3 Biggest Challenges 合规交流#2- 网络安全

June 13, 2019 11:30am

Yuan Wang
Compliance Officer & Legal
GM (Shanghai)

Ivy (Qi) Mao
Senior Legal Counsel

Barbara Tsai
APAC Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption
Deputy Global Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption

UBS (Shanghai)

Qian Liu
King & Wood Mallesons (Shanghai)

Part 1: How Industry is Implementing Local Restrictions Affecting Cross-Border Transfers 第一部分:企业在跨国数据传输如何符合中国网络安全法要求
  • Status report on what has triggered penalties for data security violations
  • Best practices for cross-border data transfers
  • Defining “Critical Information Infrastructure”: When local government approval will be necessary for a data transfer
  • Key elements of the pending data security law and guidelines
  • Using and transferring consumer data: Pitfalls to avoid
  • Key differences between the China Data Security landscape and GDPR
  • Rolling out a successful marketing campaign within data security limits
  Part 2: Hypothetical Scenarios – What Would You Do If…第二部分:网络安全三大难点情景讨论分析 Experts will walk you through hypothetical scenarios on the topthree most pressing data security challenges-and best practices for addressing them. Benefit from a worthwhile discussion on how to apply key requirements in practice-and avoid critical missteps.
  • How to collect and use lawful consumer data for your marketing campaign
  • HQ and local office data resource sharing
  • Mitigating new challenges to business and operation digitalization