Do’s and Don’ts for Using a Dashboard, and Collecting Data 大数据:如何运用大数据仪表盘及采集数据

June 12, 2019 2:30pm

Ray Zhou
APAC Senior Compliance Director
Anheuser-Busch InBev China

Jonathan Shun Wah
Assistant General Counsel
Greater China Investigations Lead

Pfizer (Hong Kong)

Chi Chen
EY Forensic & Integrity Services (Shanghai)

At this unique, highly anticipated session, hear from three companies at various stages of incorporating Big Data into their compliance efforts. Learn about successes and pitfalls to avoid toward leveraging innovation. Part 1: How to Collect Data and Effectively Leverage Databases 第一部分:如何采集合法有效数据
  • Getting started: Key considerations before collecting data and addressing roadblocks
  • What is meaningful data and how to identify data that is useful vs. not
  • How to leverage cross-departmental databases
  • Handling suspicious issues
Part 2: Big Data Demo – Concrete Example of How to Use a Dashboard to Identify Risk 第二部分:如何运用大数据仪表盘鉴别风险
  • Detecting risks based on invoices, sales activities, keyword searches and more
  • How to use a dashboard as a risk indicator
  • Incorporating the approval process into big data
  • The lengths and limits of Big Data
  • Making your business case: Securing buy-in and resources from senior management