COMPLEX HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIOS: MEU, MIEU, AND CCMC – The 3 Biggest Grey Areas and How to Address Them

October 13, 2023 11:30am

Kay C. Georgi
ArentFox Schiff LLP

Nancy Fischer
Pillsbury LLP

As the U.S. government (as well as jurisdictions around the world) continue to implement more comprehensive export controls, the responsibility placed on organizations operating in the global marketplace to remain compliant continue to grow as well. During this practical session, expert practitioners will walk you through some of the most complex, vexing compliance dilemmas— and the newest best practices for resolving them.

  • The grey areas across the different scopes and sources of prohibitions regarding each set of Chinese trade control policies
  • How industry is updating screening, compliance policies and procedures around MEU, MIEU and CCMC regulations: What are best practices?
  • License applications, approvals, and denials: What are the lessons learned from ever-evolving trends?