UFLPA Compliance and Your Broader International Trade Compliance Program

October 13, 2023 9:00am

Aaron Gothelf
Principal Counsel – Global Trade
The Walt Disney Company

David Lynch
Global Head of Analytical Solutions

Cindy Owens
Vice President, Legal, Trade Counsel
Polaris Inc.

Meredith Rathbone
Steptoe & Johnson LLP

For importers trying to bring in goods from China’s XUAR region, ramped-up enforcement could mean an unexpected increase in inspections of shipments to determine place of origin. Knowing how to prepare can make all the difference between delayed and on time.

  • What documentation is needed for importers to demonstrate that goods were not produced in whole or in part in the XUAR region?
  • What are the emerging counterpart laws in other countries that are driving further forced labor controls?
  • UFLPA Compliance: Proving Source of Origin
    • Supply chain tracing information
    • Evidence pertaining to merchandise or any component thereof
    • Evidence pertaining to miner, producer, or manufacturer
    • Request an exception to the rebuttable presumption
    • Commodity-specific supply chain tracing documentation
    • Responding to CBP ramped-up enforcement