We’re Going Virtual!

Due to social distancing and large group gathering restrictions, ACI’s National Summit on Classified Contracting has changed format from a live, in-person event to an interactive, virtual conference.

The conference will follow a similar schedule and agenda as originally planned.

Protecting your classified information has never been more important.

Mark your calendar for the 3rd National Summit on Classified Contracting which is uniquely designed as an interactive boardroom-style event.

This one-day event will assemble a select group of senior government and industry stakeholders to provide a practical, industry-driven platform for discussing the most complex, pressing and sensitive issues affecting the life cycle of classified work.

2020 Highlights
Assessing the Due Diligence Criteria for Supply Chain Security and Risk Management
Knowing the Nuances of Personnel Security Vetting
Navigating the Latest CMMC Requirements and Elements of An Effective Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Program

Developing Techniques for Managing Insider Threats
Impact of Latest Developments in The Industrial Security Letter (ISL)
Joyce Corell

Joyce Corell

Assistant Director for Supply Chain and Cyber
National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC)

Office of the Director of National Intelligence(ODNI)

William Stephens

William Stephens

Acting Deputy Director
DCSA Critical Technology Protection

Conference Chair
Robert Metzger

Robert Metzger

Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, PC

The MITRE Corporation

A Must-Attend Event for
Vice Presidents and Directors of:
  • Global Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Industrial Security
  • Government Contracts
  • Federal Government Procurement
  • Acquisition Policy
  • Government Compliance/ Relations
  • Chief Security Office
  • Technology Control Officers
  • Facility Security Officers
  • Chief Information Office
Attorneys, Accountants and Consultants Specializing in:
  • Government Contracts
  • National and Homeland Security
  • Public Procurement
  • Industrial Security
  • National Security