Consumer Finance Class Action Litigation and Settlement Trends and New and Emerging Procedural Consideration Including Ascertainability of Class and Class Members, Offers in Judgment, and More

July 25, 2017 9:50am

Aphrodite Kokolis
Schiff Hardin LLP

Gregory S. Korman
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Amanda Lawrence
Buckley Sandler LLP

  • Assessing the evolving landscape of class litigation
  • Overview of recent noteworthy class action cases and settlements
  • What is now required in order to obtain or defeat class certification?
  • Issues relating to the ascertainability of class and class members
  • Evaluating recent developments relating to Rule 23(b) class certifications
  • Recent developments in class action law and their impact on consumer finance litigation
  • Examining lower courts’ ruling on Campbell on Rule 63 offers of judgement
  • Using statistical evidence of class cases
  • Denying class certification – Microsoft v. Baker