Nitish Pandey

SVP, Chief Legal Officer, Personal & Commercial, U.S.
BMO Financial Group

Nitish Pandey is SVP, Chief Legal Officer, U.S Personal & Commercial Banking at BMO Financial Group. Nitish joined BMO as Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) for U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking.  He has also served as Interim CCO for Personal and Commercial Banking in Canada for BMO. Prior to joining BMO, Nitish was Deputy Chief Compliance Officer for American Express Centurion Bank where he was responsible for the oversight and implementation of the Bank’s Compliance Program.   In addition, he was the Lead Compliance Officer for American Express’ Small Business portfolio.  Nitish has held various positions at other financial institutions within Compliance, Risk Management and Operations, in addition to leading teams across diverse international markets to successfully implement and sustain strategic business initiatives. Nitish’s professional experience includes being a front line Banker for consumer and small business clients, in addition to pursuing specialization in distressed asset management and Bankruptcy Law.  He has completed undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Law, Economics and Management. Nitish’s interests include how the financial services industry can progress and enrich consumer’s lives via innovation, education and ethical practices in parallel with commercial considerations.