Understanding the Implications of the National Policy Response to the Opioid Overdose Crisis

May 29, 2019 9:00am

Shruti Kulkarni
DCBA Law & Policy (Washington, D.C.)

Seth Mailhot
Husch Blackwell LLP (Washington, D.C.)

Over the past year, President Trump has initiated various actions in the fight against the opioid overdose crisis. Recently, the President called on Attorney General Sessions to initiate a federal law suit against the drug companies, paralleling the current multidistrict and standalone state-level litigations. Our panel of policy experts will address these actions and other relevant developments on the Hill and their insights into closing the door on this crisis. Topics of discussion include:
  • Establishment and status of opioid task forces,
  • Analysis of proposed and pending legislation,
  • Up-to-date status of DEA notices, FDA Guidances, and related industry commentary