COMPLIANCE THINK TANK — Building an Effective Controlled Substances Compliance Program

Jul 11, 2022 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Workshops are offered in-person only

At this practical, industry-driven working group, our speakers will discuss how companies along the supply chain are using a tiered approach based on the appropriate risk level. This compliance think tank will provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your Best Practices, discover how your approach compares with your peers, and reevaluate your risk ranking approach while managing the costs of a robust controlled substances compliance program. Topics include:

  • Designing a comprehensive compliance handbook
    • Detailing the latest regulatory developments influencing risk management to maintain compliance and avoid unforeseen fines and/or federal charges
  • Examining your existing controlled substances compliance program and identifying gaps
  • Best Practices for conducting internal audits of your facility and controlled substance inventory to ensure preparedness
  • Understanding your data and mapping your trends
  • Responding to noticeable volume changes
  • Developing monitoring protocols and strengthening internal controls
  • Completing an appropriate biennial inventory of all Schedule II-IV controlled substances
  • Improving theft and loss reporting requirements
  • Ensuring proper whistleblower policies for your program
  • Exploring DEA compliance in a post-COVID world