Workshop B – Strategies and Best Practices for Solid Claims Substantiation in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Sep 24, 2024 1:30pm – 05:00 PM

Rania Ibrahim, PhD, MS
SkinScience Analytics

This working group aims to provide you with the essential knowledge required to substantiate claims with solid scientific evidence, helping your company to stay compliant, avoid litigation, and foster consumer trust.

Ensuring proper claim substantiation for cosmetic or personal care products is a nuanced and collaborative effort, involving various departments within the company. Despite thorough and carefully conducted studies, claims and their support may still undergo scrutiny from regulators and, increasingly, from plaintiff’s attorneys. Topics of discussion include:

  • Learning about the types of scientific evidence required to substantiate claims in the beauty and wellness sector
  • Ensuring that your marketing materials across various media platforms are properly substantiated by clinical studies
  • Gaining insights into testing requirements when a cosmetic product is classified as an over-the-counter drug
  • Uncovering implied claims and the hidden dangers associated with these
  • Accurately assessing and interpreting clinical data to determine its applicability to your product claims
  • Analyzing key trends and concerns for products making ‘clean’, ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ claims
  • Assessing what the FTC is looking for when studies are evaluated for claim substantiation
    • Population and participants
    • Data and outcomes measured
    • Ingredient dose and formulation
  • Examining recent FTC enforcement actions and understanding the implications when clinical studies fail to support claims
  • A look at FTC’s 2022 Health Products Compliance Guidance, providing comprehensive insight into the specific evidence needed to support health-related product claims
  • Determining the type of testing necessary to obtain clearance to market your product in
    • US
    • Canada
    • EU
    • UK
    • China, and other Asian markets