Emerging Threats and New Areas of Coverage: Growing Risk of Security Breaches as It Relates to the IOT and a Brief Examination of whether or not There Is Coverage under Cyber Policies for the Theft of Intellectual Property, the Next Generation Ransomware, and the Cyber Terrorism

November 30, 2016 5:25pm

What is it about?

  • What new areas are being looked at?
  • How are these new risks being thought about from an insurance perspective?
  • As the number of connected devices is increasing exponentially, how to manage securely? How has IOT changed the framework of coverage? How is it forcing the insurance market to evolve?
  • Is there coverage under cyber policies for stealing of ideas? How should it be covered?
  • Responding to the next generation ransomware and new attack scenarios
  • Are cyber policies going to cover cyber terrorism?
    • Underwriting challenges
    • Is an official government agency required to certify that an act is an act of terrorism?
    • Does cyber terrorism have an element of violence and does it truly fit into the criteria of terrorism?

Session Materials