Federal and State Regulatory and Enforcement Landscape

November 30, 2016 8:35am

What is it about?

  • How are state and federal regulators coordinating with one another?
  • As various agencies are becoming well-versed in security issues, they are looking to bring in their own teams to perform security assessments – how are companies to respond to this from a risk as well as from a cost-benefit analysis, especially if various agencies differ in their findings?
  • What type of a data breach are various agencies interested in?
  • What are their priorities?
  • Are they more interested in preparations, risk assessments, protocols or are they more interested in what companies are doing to solve the problem and provide customers with some solutions?
  • What is their stance on credit monitoring?
  • Latest on the fines and penalties being assessed by regulators: how many of these fines are being seen these days? What is their size?
  • What do regulators want companies to do to prepare?
  • What causes them to bring an enforcement action?
  • What do companies need to do to potentially avoid regulatory enforcement actions?

Session Materials