Patrick Dempsey

VP – High Tech Investigations Unit

PATRICK J. DEMPSEY is Vice President, Information Security – High Tech Investigation Unit for Prudential Insurance Company of America.  Mr. Dempsey has more than 18 years of experience in information and cyber security, business continuity and disaster recovery, security risk management and information technology.  He has performed at the highest levels of private industry, federal government and international organizations, holding positions such as Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Infrastructure, Special Agent, Cyber Operations Director and Vice President High Tech Investigations.  Mr. Dempsey has managed multi-million dollar security and technology projects, built enterprise security programs, established large teams of cyber and information security specialists and led operation centers for large corporations, national and international government agencies.  He has investigated cyber crimes throughout the world, conducting forensics, malware analysis, and incident response in support of client organizations and victims of computer crimes and cyber attacks.  Mr. Dempsey is one of the most accomplished, well-rounded and capable information security leaders in the industry.