C. Brad Schuelke

Assistant Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division
Texas Attorney General's Office

C. Brad Schuelke is an Assistant Attorney General in the Internet and Privacy Team, Consumer Protection Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office.  He has served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Division since November 1998.  He received his Juris Doctorate degree, with honors, from the University of Texas in 1998 and he was admitted to the bar in Texas that same year.  While in law school he was selected to be a member of the prestigious Legal Research Board.  He is also a graduate of the University of Texas Honors Business Program, receiving his B.B.A. degree, with honors, in 1995.                                  

As an assistant attorney general, Mr. Schuelke has represented the State of Texas in investigations and lawsuits regarding a variety of subject matters important to consumers, including deceptive advertising practices, consumer credit, food and drug safety, and telecommunications.  In particular, he has filed a number of lawsuits and/or negotiated settlements based on unlawful conduct in the area of telecommunications, privacy and Internet law, including security breaches, spamming, cramming, spyware, unsolicited facsimile advertising, deceptive telemarketing, and violations of state and federal do not call statutes.  He has also appeared before the Texas Legislature as a resource witness on a number of occasions.