Unraveling complexities in Truthful Cost and Pricing Act (TCPA) Waivers and Certified Cost or Pricing Data Requirements

August 25, 2020 3:45pm

Lucelly Serrano
Branch Manager
DCAA Truth in Negotiation Audit Team

Laura Michaels
Division Chief
DCAA Operations Audit Support

David Logue
Program Manager
DCAA Policy

  • NDAA 2020 changes to TCPA – What should we expect in the near future?
  • Clarification on DCAA plans to execute more post-award audits
  • Tactics to overcome the biggest hurdles to passing a post-award audits
  • Complying with TCPA requirements is more than just sweeping your records
  • Update on the TCPA waivers for contracts between $750K and $2M that were awarded prior to July 1, 2018. Only the Navy has approved. Why not all services and defense agencies?
  • Certified cost or pricing data requirements
  • Impact of contracts awarded by DoD, the NASA, and the Coast Guard