“On Appeal From The Food Court: Must Consumer Class Action Plaintiffs Be ‘Ascertainable’?” — Forbes, February 2015

“Court Leaves Standing and Choice of Law Questions for Class Certification Stage” — Food Litigation News, June 2015

With the continued trend of food-borne litigation, developing strong and flexibility strategies is an objective that food and beverage companies and their counsel must take seriously. In this environment, it critical to understand the types of actions brought and what defenses have been mounted successfully.

Back for a fourth installment, ACI’s Summit on Food & Beverage Consumer Fraud Litigation will deliver the tools you need to defend your company or clients against aggressive litigation techniques. This event is happening for the second time in San Francisco, the home of the “Food Court” – where a majority of the litigation related to deceptive marketing and labeling is currently being filed. At this acclaimed program, you will have the unique opportunity to hear from leading litigators in the field, in-house counsel, and other experts involved in food and beverage consumer fraud litigation.

ACI has conducted extensive research to design a unique program with an expert faculty to provide practical solutions to addressing your most pressing concerns surrounding:

  • Ascertainability and Commonality – Dissecting Class Certification Issues
  • How to Settle a Claim – Determining Your Best Strategy
  • The Battle Over Prop 65’s Fundamentals – Beech-Nut and its Backlash
  • New Mislabeling Claim Trends – What’s Beyond “Natural”

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Get current on food consumer fraud litigation issues while benchmarking with strategies with your peers. This Summit has been updated to include live interactive sessions, roundtables, and audience polling to guide participants through real-life litigation scenarios taught by industry experts.

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