The D&O and Management Liability Marketplace:

July 26, 2016 4:00pm

What is it about?

  • Evolution of D&O: What’s new in the D&O and management liability
    marketplace for both public, private and non profit companies?
  • Coverage for regulatory investigations: do we need more specific claim definitions, or the evolution of separate insurance products to cover these investigations?
  • What coverages are being offered in policies?
  • Coverage Considerations; coordination of coverage; relatedness
  • What non-traditional areas may be covered in D&O policies? What
    about TCPA violations? government investigation following a cyber breach? FCPA charges and investigations? Qui Tam/False Claim actions? Fair Labor Standards Act claim? PNP claims? Others?
  • What are the current underwriting trends?
  • Aligning the policy to match risk profile of the company
  • The latest claims issues: evergreen and new
  • The effect of consolidation on the D&O market