Analyzing Risks and Liabilities Associated with New Technologies, Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence

December 9, 2020 4:00pm

Carly W. Stephani
Principal Litigation Counsel, Litigation & Global Investigations
Medtronic (Minneapolis, MN)

Paul J. (PJ) Cosgrove
Ulmer & Berne LLP (Cincinnati, OH)

Digital health technologies, including tools incorporating AI, are offering profound benefits to the life sciences industry and opportunities to improve patient care. However, they also carry the inescapable burden of new mistakes and liability risks. This panel will shed light on the full spectrum of implications of these new technologies and how counsel can manage these changes to minimize future product liability.

  • Assessing the ways in which AI is becoming an important part of drug development and marketing strategies, disease diagnosis processes, and beyond
  • Understanding the various new liability risks introduced by new digital health and AI advances
  • Examining how drug and medical device product liability counsel can prepare to minimize future liabilities associated with these new technologies