Extended Panel on Iran and Russia: What is Currently Permissible under Both US and EU Regimes, and Strategies for Minimizing Risks as the US Weighs the Future of JCPOA

April 24, 2017 9:40am

Tarek Fahmy
Deputy Director, Office of Sanctions Policy and Implementation
U.S. Department of State (Washington, DC)

Frederick Shaheen
Chief Counsel, Global Trade
The Boeing Company (Great Falls, VA)

Chad Thompson
Lead Counsel, GM Office of Export Compliance
General Motors (Detroit, MI)

Brian O’Toole
Senior Advisor to the Director, OFAC
U.S. Department of the Treasury (Washington, DC)

Panel Moderator:

Amanda De Busk
Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP (Washington, DC)

  • Is the Iran program is working as planned?
    • FDI into Iran: how does financing actually occur under the program
    • How are companies navigating due diligence, eg. how do you decide if there is an IRGC connection?
    • Are US companies able to effectively use General License H?
    • Foreign subsidiaries of US Companies: what authorizations actually allow them to do and why is there so much confusion?
  • Russia analysis:
    • What are the compliance challenges in administering sectoral sanctions?
    • What issues do US companies with operations in Russia actually face?
    • To what extent are the US and EU in sync and challenges and pitfalls of navigating both programs