Anders Rodenberg

Director, Financial Institutions & Advisory, North America
Bureau van Dijk (New York, NY)

Anders A. L. Rodenberg, M.Sc. is the Head of Financial Institutions & Advisory for North America at Bureau van Dijk. Mr. Rodenberg graduated from Aarhus University in Denmark, but has also studied at London School of Economics and Copenhagen Business School. Mr. Rodenberg is originally from Scandinavia and was the Head of Compliance for Northern Europe at Bureau van Dijk before being transferred to North America. Mr. Rodenberg has been involved in multiple AML & Sanction projects helping to increase AML & Sanction-compliance levels at Financial Institutions and Insurance companies. Much of his work has specifically been focused on improving on-boarding procedures, Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) processes, Off-Cycle Notification systems, Sanctions identification, Investigation and Monitoring through global standardization, and introduction of global ownership structures into the AML&OFAC risk models. Mr. Rodenberg has met with regulatory authorities in numerous countries as well as many industry leaders, giving him key industry knowledge with a special focus on newest trends and developments.