Digital, Virtual, and Crypto Currencies: Assessing and Overcoming the Regulatory and Compliance Challenges Relating to Bitcoin and Its Brethren, and Evaluating the Long-Term Viability of Such Currencies

July 28, 2016 9:35am

Andrew S. Ittleman
Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph

Peter Luce
Ouroboros LLP

Joanna Flanagan
Vice President for Compliance Policy
Western Union

Greg Kidd
Advisor – Ripple Labs
Co-Founder – Global ID Framework

  • Market outlook: the different types of virtual and digital currencies from A to Z
  • The bitcoin security model
  • Non-speculative digital money
  • Impact of crypto currencies on the payments landscape
  • Assessing the emerging regulatory framework governing digital/virtual currencies
  • Determining who is subject to regulation
  • Will an overarching federal regulatory framework develop in this space?
  • Which federal agencies have already weighed in and what have they said?
  • Status of regulatory efforts at the state level