Industry Roundtable on the Developing Payments and Financing Landscape: Key Insights and Strategic Advice on Where the Payments Industry is Headed and What New Products, Services, and Technologies Are Changing the Face of Payments Including Blockchains,

July 28, 2016 8:25am

Brian Crist
Chief Payments Counsel
Uber Technologies, Inc.

Robert Courtneidge
Locke Lord LLP

Peter Rizzo
US Editor

Marwan Forzley
Align Commerce

Gizelle Barany
General Counsel
Marqeta, Inc.

Jacob Farber
General Counsel

  • Which of the new and emerging payment products, services, and technologies are really going to catch on and impact the payments landscape, and which are not?
  • Impact of Fintech on the banking industry
  • Points, loyalist and rewards programs
  • How does a company that was not historically a financial services provider, but suddenly finds itself as such (e.g. Apple, Google, Facebook), adapt to the regulatory framework?
  • How the key mobile payments companies are structuring their business models
  • Impact of mobile wallets/payments on the existing payments ecosystem
  • How does the specter of regulatory oversight affect and impact innovation?
  • Assessing the relationship between banks and alternative payment providers
  • Banking Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the Gig Economy
  • How have banks responded to blockchain technology and where is this headed?
  • How will regulators respond to blockchain?
  • Overlaps between the payments industry and the nascent sharing economy
  • Regulatory and compliance issues arising from the sharing economy
  • The safety and legality of peer-to-peer payment (P2P) schemes
  • Crowdfunding issues